Monday, January 24, 2011

Defining Parameters of Mechanical Equipment

Have you ever wondered what the Flow Configuration vaules really mean and what each value type represents?  The Flow Configuration defines whether or not a Connection will be the defining factor of Flow for attached equipment.  The two used most often is the Preset and Calculated. 

When a Supply System is created with the Diffusers and the VAV Box, the Flow inherited in each Diffuser can be used to calculate the Flow upstream to the VAV Box.  The Flow Configuration for each Diffuser will be Preset, meaning the Diffusers will be the defining elements of the connected elements, namely, the VAV box they are connected to.  The Flow Configuration for the VAV Box will be defined as Calcuate, as the Flow value is calculated based on the Diffusers connected to it. 

The calculated Flow value of the VAV Box will update as the Diffuser Flow value changes.

Simple and useful.  More questions?  Please feel free to comment!

Where did this thought come from?  Well, Autodesk has a wonderful Blog called Inside-the-System.  A while back, they had two parts explaining, in more depth, what I discussed above:

Learn to the videos...

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