Monday, January 17, 2011

Troubleshooting: Why isn't my Pipe Filter Working?

Have you been diligently creating Filters for your Pipes?   Are you hitting a wall when you try to make a Filter on a Pipe connected to a System that you want to be a different color, like a Vent Pipe that is connected to a Sanitary System connection?  Well, there is a simple answer:Filter List Order Makes a Difference!!!

The order that Filters are listed in the Visibility/Graphics Override, Filters tab provides an additional display control. Filters are ranked by the order they appear on the list. Filters higher on the list have display priority over all filters listed below them. If the Pipe you selected to change has not changed, we need to move the newly created Pipe Filter above the System Filter the Pipe is connected to on the list. 

Note the blue Pipe connected to the Hot Water connection:

There are two Filters already assigned to the horizontal Pipe.  However, the System Filter is above the new Pipe Filter we created, hindering the change.  

1. Type in VV or VG to go back to the Visibility/Graphics Overrides dialog > click the Filter tab.

2. Click the Pipe Filter > click the Up button near the bottom of the dialog to move the new Pipe Filter listing above the original Filter listing > click OK to exit the Visibility/Graphics dialog.

Note that now the horizontal pipe is magenta, exactly what we wanted.

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