Friday, November 2, 2012

Bringing Information from Excel into Revit

Following is information and workflows for bringing information from Excel into Revit.  Multiple options, tutorial videos on most options. 

Go to Subscription Center to get the Revit Database Link Extension.  Under Downloads > Product Enhancements > Autodesk Revit DB Link 2013 (or 2012 if this is the version you are running) > Download the Extension > Close Revit and reopen Revit for the Extension to populate in the Add-Ins Tab > External Tools dropdown.

RDB Link works with Microsoft Access.

Revit DB Link video demonstration.  This is a free add-on for subscription customers.

Another video showing (although from 2010, workflow remains similar)

Import Excel into Access


This video outlines the (manual, but effective workflow) for linking in Excel through the ACAD file link.


Third Party:
I have seen individuals have luck with: Quick Table

Excel to Revit tool:

Ideate BIMLink information:
Import from Excel:

More videos about BIMLink:

Provided by: Alan DeLuce, Application Engineer - Building Solutions