Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Where are the Project Parameters I added in my last Project?

As you begin working on projects in Revit, your first project will have additions that you will probably want to use over and over again in each additional project.  The best way to add the modifications is to transfer them to your existing template before starting your next project.  Using the Transfer Project Standards tool, numerous changes can be transfered, including Project Parameters, View Templates, Wire Sizes and Dimension Styles.

Note: Make sure you have the project that you just finished open behind the existing template file. 

On the Manage tab>Transfer Project Standards

Keep the items you want trasfered checked on.  There are so many, if you only want a few items transfered, select the 'Check None' button first, and then manually add the desired items.

Click OK until you are back at the original screen and save the template for future use.

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