Friday, May 6, 2011

Revit Architecture Suite 2012 Upgrade: Feedback from a Client

I wanted to forward my thoughts so-as to help others going forward with Revit Architecture Suite 2012.

My thanks to NVIDA, PNY, Newegg, Microsoft, Apple, and Autodesk for I tried their patience as they worked with me through various issues required for this year's upgrade.


Original Specifications:

  • Apple Mac Pro 3.1 2-2.8ghz XENON E5462 - 6gig RAM - 8800gt video
  • 2 hd's - 1T mac o.s. 10.5.7, 2T Vista 64 bit SP2
  • Revit Arch Suite 2011 with files to 100meg in size



  • Use Autodesk website for correct video drivers (makes a huge difference)
  • Once files are over 100 meg in size, forget it - also renderings only to 300dpi max and file size to 2meg
  • Get use to system crashes due to known video card issues - so save often!
  • It will take a long time to open Revit and update files from previous versions
  • Big Tip:
    Place all of your content on a separate HD and load Families as you need them. Once you have finished your model, purge content for it will save you ALOT of time rendering
  • Do not even try to load Autodesk 2012 anything with these specifications - it isn't anywhere, anything close to a productive environment. RAM is the biggest thing the 8gig listed as a minimum has to be a mistake - try 16gig or better


New Specifications:

  • Same Mac Pro 3.1 2-2.8ghz xenon E5462
  • Upgrade to 24 gig ram - PNY Quatro 4000 video
  • Upgrade to Windows 7 64-bit
  • Upgrade Revit Architecture Suite 2012


Note: Bootcamp needs Vista to 7 utility and PNY Quatro needs a driver from the manufacturer.



  • Files larger than 200meg run fast
  • Renderings done in 1/8 the time or better
  • No system crashes with added benefit of multiple applications open i.e. Adobe Photoshop


Investment: Autodesk renewal $725; upgrades listed $1500; original Mac Pro $2800 = $5025


Lessons Learned:

  • If you are doing anything beyond VERY simple small file models in Revit, you will need a professionally build computer (Call HP or Apple)
  • There is no such thing as too much RAM, so forget about the 8meg RAM minimum, you really need 16meg RAM minimum
  • High End workstation cards are worth every penny!!!! Gaming cards are just not designed for what Revit does; check Autodesk for support drivers and you figure this out very quickly - so in short you must now pay to play or rather work (Call Newegg for upgrades)


I also want to thank Joanna for her patience and ability to listen, and then deliver Autodesk Products with exceptional service vital for my company's success.


*The information above has been given by Ross Billiter - AIA, ALA, NCARB of Ross Billiter Architect - Architechstyles, PLLC. Any views or opinions presented in this blog post are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Advanced Solutions, Inc.*


Ross Billiter - AIA, ALA, NCARB

Ross Billiter Architect - Architechstyles, PLLC

Durham, NC

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