Friday, May 13, 2011

Learn about the Basics of Revit Parameters

Written by David Kaldy

There are 3 main types of Parameters as well as 3 subtypes, or ways the main Parameters are executed within a Project or Family.

The 3 main Parameter types are:

1.    Family Parameters – Non schedulable, and do not appear in tags or schedules. These are typically used as visibility Parameters, as well as dimensional values that do not need to be scheduled.

2.    Shared Parameter – Established from a Shared Parameter file, are associated only within the Families that utilize the Shared Parameter (unless the same Shared Parameter is also added as a Project Parameter), and can be viewed in schedules and tags.

3.    Project Parameters – Established within a Project, which add Parameters to entire object categories and can be used in schedules, but cannot be used in tags. Project Parameters can be generated from Shared Parameters and cannot be added to Families.

The 3 subtypes, all of which can be made from any of the 3 main Parameter types:

1.    Type – Appear in the Type Properties palette of elements and apply to all Instances of an element within a Project.

2.    Instance – Appear in the Properties palette and apply to only currently selected elements in a Project.

3.    Reporting (Instance) - Used to reference and display measurements within Families. Note: Can only be added in the Family Editor. These can be set up as Family or Shared Parameters.

A couple of notes about Shared Parameters:

-The Shared Parameter file can be created within a Project or a Family.

-Ensure the use of one Shared Parameter file. This helps with reducing duplicated Shared Parameters with the same name. If there are duplicate Shared Parameters (which can also occur from making a new Shared Parameter file every time a Shared Parameter is needed) then this can potentially cause duplicate Parameter fields to show up in schedules, and tags may not function correctly.

-Some Manufacturers add Shared Parameters to their content. It is best practice to swap out these Shared Parameters with Shared Parameters that you made in your Shared Parameter file, prior to loading that Family into a Project.

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